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Conservation Officers (Law Enforcement) Mission Statement:

Our mission is to assist the Department of Agriculture, in managing and sustaining all of Guam’s natural resources, through the enforcement of all; Local and Federal Laws Rules and Regulations. We will stand diligent in our efforts as a; Science-based unit, to bring, compassion, compliance, knowledge and skills, to the people we serve as we perform our tasks, and through the development of future; Laws Rules and Regulations pertaining to all natural resources of our island for today, tomorrow and the future generation to enjoy.


Conservation Core Mission:

Our Core-Mission is to; Preserve, Conserve, Protect and Enhance, all Guam’s natural resources and their habitats through; Science, Education and Out-Reach and the enforcement of all; Fish, Game, Forestry and Conservation Laws, Rules and Regulations including all Endangered and Threatened Species of our island. As a Specialized Unit, it is our mission to; Investigate, Apprehend and Arrest all resource law violators for the preservation of Guam, and bring justice for the community we serve.


Conservation Driven Measurements:

As we strive to get the most value from our investments, in light of the challenges we face today, our unit has broken down the confines of our traditional programmatic boundaries and now works with a wide range of partners and stakeholders. Most recently, our unit has entered into a; Joint Enforcement Agreement (JEA) with the; National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Law Enforcement (OLE). With this agreement, which commenced in 2016, to date has provided approximately $225.000.00 in operational assistance. Through our efforts, we managed to secure approximately; $19,500.00 in surplus vehicles, form the; United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a show of appreciation for our efforts in resource protection. Seeing the benefits in resource protection, the; Guam Community College, Criminal Justice Division has opened their doors to assist the; Department of Agriculture, with the first ever; Regional Conservation Terrestrial and Marine Enforcement Academy, solidifying Guam as the, leader in institutional; knowledge and certification for the region.

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