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Our Mission


The Guam Department of Agriculture was established under Public Law 3-103, effective August 1, 1956. The Department was established to protect and promote the agricultural resources and economy of the Territory of Guam by research, quarantine, control and conservation.

General Responsibilities


The Department’s role of developing and protecting the island’s agriculture, natural resources, and aquatic and wildlife resources is accomplished through the functions of various divisions. Aside from the Director’s Office, where administrative services are spearheaded, the Department has five divisions. Each is headed by a Chief, which together with the Director and Deputy Director function as a part of the Department’s management team. The management team provides for overall guidance in the formation of decisions and positions that are generally required for the operation of the Department. The Director’s Office function as a support group who conducts the procurement, budgetary, cashiering, personnel services, correspondences, and clerical affairs of the department besides a system of documents control, routing and other administrative matters.

Programs and Divisions

The Guam Department of Agriculture has many programs within multiple divisions. Those divisions include:

Director’s Office: Law Enforcement

Animal and Plant Industry: Animal Health, Plant Inspection Station, Plant Nursery

Agricultural Development Services (ADS): Bona Fide Farmer Certification, Plant Nursery, Agricultural Marketing, Farm Plans

Wildlife Resources: Brown Tree Snake

Aquatic Resources: Fisheries

Forestry and Soil Resources: Fire Protection, Forest Health Management, Urban Forestry, Forest Stewardship
Animal Health and Animal Control (under Director’s office)

Public Law 28-57

What Is Public Law 28-57?

Public Law 28-57, otherwise known as the Transparency Act of 2005, was signed into law by Governor Felix P. Camacho on June 30, 2005. It mandates that all Government of Guam agencies and departments, inclusive of all autonomous agencies as well as the Legislature and Judiciary, develop and post a Web site within 120 days of the enactment of the law — by October 28, 2005. The law also requires each agency to post on its Web site several pieces of “required information.” The full text of Public Law 28-57 is available at the Web site of I Liheslaturan Guahan.

Guam Department of Agriculture Compliance with PL 28-57

The Guam Agriculture Web site has been online since 1996.

Our main page contains notice of all meetings, hearings, and public events as required by public law and for such duration as required by public law and containing such information as is required by public law. Meeting notices are regularly posted on site; public notices are posted and indexed on the News and Information page.

The official name of the department, agency, autonomous agency or public corporation in both English and Chamorro, the e-mail address, public phone numbers, mailing address and physical location of the department, agency, autonomous agency or public corporation are listed in our Staff Directory.

The names and titles of the Director, Deputy Director, or official in charge of the department, agency, autonomous agency or public corporation, as appropriate, as well as the names and titles of the administrators of each and all offices, programs, services, units or divisions under its purview, and the names of all board members of every board or commission associated with or appurtenant thereto, and an organizational chart demonstrating the relationships between all, as relevant.

All rules and regulations in force as promulgated by the department, agency, autonomous agency or public corporation, or links thereto, as well as all proposed rules and regulations, or amendments thereto, as are progressing through the administrative adjudication process as detailed in the Administrative Adjudication Act.

The budget for the department, agency, autonomous agency or public corporation as is in force and approved by I Liheslaturan Guahan or the governing board as appropriate, as well as the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, and in such form as is submitted to or approved by I Liheslaturan Guahan or the governing board as appropriate, and all expenditures of the department, agency, autonomous agency or public corporation, such entries to be updated on a quarterly basis.

This page fulfills a requirement under PL 28-68 that agencies post their financial reports on their Web site.

Farmers Registration

Farmers and producers register one time with the Department of Agriculture for crop, livestock, aquaculture and horticulture products.

AAF22 Agricultural Assessment Form

GPRF21 General Program Requirements 

PL 63-36

Agricultural Water Rate

Public Law 9-42 provides for the reduced water rate for qualified individuals engaged in a farming activity such as crop and livestock production, aquaculture and horticulture.

GWA Agricultural Water Rate Information

Agricultural Land Lease

Public Law 15-18 established the Agriculture Land Lease program. Currently this program administers 48 agricultural land leases for commercial agriculture.

Crop Compensation


Public Law 20-84/22-64 provides for one time registration of farmers to be eligible for compensation of farm losses due to a natural disaster. Requires a disaster declaration and is dependent upon appropriation of funds from the Legislature.

Our Leadership

John C. Borja

Agricultural Development Services (ADS), Chief

Jay Gutierrez

Aquatic & Wildlife Resources, Chief

Jason S. Biggs, Ph.D. 

Aquatic & Wildlife Resources, Assistant Chief

Christine Camacho Fejeran

Forestry & Soil Resources, Chief

Lieutenant Richard Ragadio

Law Enforcement Section