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The Biosecurity Division serves as the Department’s center for Biosecurity and Agricultural Quarantine at the Plant Inspection Facility.  As such, its primary focus is to assist stakeholders interested in imports and exports of food and agricultural items, to assist in food security and safety concerns, and to coordinate the Government of Guam’s responses to new invasive species threats.  These coordination and scientific regulatory services are accomplished through many local, national and international linkages.  Cooperation is especially close with the United States Department of Agriculture, the Customs and Quarantine Agency and the University of Guam.


Biosecurity Division staff prepares and issues Import Permits for fruits and vegetables, live plants, seeds and related articles and fresh egg Import Permits.  There are also export certification inspections conducted and appropriate certificates issued: Phytosanitary Certificates and Certificates of Origin.  The Division fees collected from permit and certificate support operations. The Plant Inspection Facility inspects live plants with pest identification determinations performed and shipment dispositions ordered, to protect Guam from invasive pests and diseases.


Staff also conducts smuggling interdiction and trade compliance enforcement efforts by inspecting retail and wholesale establishments under federal agricultural regulations. Staff are also involved in limiting the destructive effects of the coconut rhinoceros beetle, little fire ants and other invasive species through targeted activities and training programs.


Import Permit Request Form:



Important Factsheets:

Domestic Import of Fruits and Vegetables to Guam

Domestic Import of Propagative Materials to Guam

Foreign Import of Fruits and Vegetables to Guam

Foreign Import of Propagative Materials (Plants for Planting) to Guam


Guam Invasive Species Council Files

GISC Minutes 10-26-17 Draft

Job Announcements:

Invasive Species Coordinator

Regional Invasive Species Council Coordinator

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P L 31-43 SBill No 111-31




Entomologist/ Div. Chief

Russell Campbell, Ph.D.


Plant Pathologist















Commodity Insp. 3

Patrick Artero


Commodity Insp. 1

Ken SanNicholas



Agriculturist 3

Glenn Dulla, Ph.D.


Ag. Research Technicians

Joe Quinanta

Derrick Diego

Donatus Somol

Cris Crisostomo







Program Coordinator 4

Carmen Babauta


Invasive Species Coord.