Programs and Structure

The Guam Department of Agriculture has many programs within multiple divisions. Those divisions include:

  • Director’s Office:Law Enforcement
  • Animal and Plant Industry:Animal Health, Plant Inspection Station, Plant Nursery
  • Agricultural Development Services:Consumer Marketing and Farm Services, Equipment and Maintenance
  • Wildlife Resources:Brown Tree Snake
  • Aquatic Resources:Fisheries
  • Forestry and Soil Resources:Fire Protection, Forest Health Management, Urban Forestry, Forest Stewardship
  • Animal Health and Animal Control (under Director’s office)

Farmers Registration

Farmers and producers register one time with the Department of Agriculture for crop, livestock, aquaculture and horticulture products.

Agricultural Water Rate

Public Law 9-42 provides for the reduced water rate for qualified individuals engaged in a farming activity such as crop and livestock production, aquaculture and horticulture.

Agricultural Land Lease

Public Law 15-18 established the Agriculture Land Lease program. Currently this program administers 48 agricultural land leases for commercial agriculture.

Crop Compensation

Public Law 20-84/22-64 provides for one time registration of farmers to be eligible for compensation of farm losses due to a natural disaster. Requires a disaster declaration and is dependent upon appropriation of funds from the Legislature.