Department’s Mission

The Guam Department of Agriculture was established under Public Law 3-103, effective August 1, 1956. The Department was established to protect and promote the agricultural resources and economy of the Territory of Guam by research, quarantine, control and conservation.

General Responsibilities

The Department’s role of developing and protecting the island’s agriculture, natural resources, and aquatic and wildlife resources is accomplished through the functions of various divisions. Aside from the Director’s Office, where administrative services are spearheaded, the Department has five divisions. Each is headed by a Chief, which together with the Director and Deputy Director function as a part of the Department’s management team. The management team provides for overall guidance in the formation of decisions and positions that are generally required for the operation of the Department. The Director’s Office function as a support group who conducts the procurement, budgetary, cashiering, personnel services, correspondences, and clerical affairs of the department besides a system of documents control, routing and other administrative matters.

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